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Friends panic when they glance at my inbox and notice tens of thousands of unread/unopened messages. They want to stay productive, and Inbox Zero might give them the impression to do so.

Unread Email Notifications

But it doesn't: about a decade ago, after noticing the insane amount of time I had to invest to keep my Inbox/text messages queue clean, I started ask myself “Why?”. Now, thinking about all the time people spend to keep their inboxes to zero makes me panic.

What's the real advantage?


I reached a point in my life where I could buy enough of something and reasonably expect it to last until I die. Not a 4-pack of AA batteries or a single banana (well, I hope not) but something like shoes, or a colander. Mundane stuff.

How many pairs of shoes do you think a man in his 30s could ever need from today until he's done?


I got a $70 iPhone SE and upgraded the battery with a nominal 2180 mAh one (the original had 1624 mAh of capacity). Then I added Qi wireless charging with an adhesive tag that lives between the case and the phone's back chassis (connected via the Lightning port). How about performance?


There's no secret to self-improvement. I can think of a few ways why other people might be making more progress than you do.

  1. Being a non-judgemental observer, especially of yourself. Observe, adjust, evaluate results.

I remember having free, unallocated attention dedicated to myself and my surroundings. Alone with my thoughts during walks, car and train rides, or even at home. Inescapable boredom and anxiety force me to deal with myself, but they are also the primary source of intense relax as a break from responsibilities.


Smartphones are actually tremendous meditation devices. Observe and master every moment that boredom makes you reach out to your pocket, and you’ll blast through Nirvana in no time.


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