I Hate Generational Hate

If you blame someone else, there is no end to the blame. —Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching (public library) (free ebook)

Age-based shaming is just another way to keep one group of people angry at the other (your birth year turns into your sports team).

Fabricated generational hate creates the illusion of divisiveness to distract from real-world problems. It works by emphasizing subtle differences over relevant common ground.

News titles mixing generational hate and accusatory lines are cheap journalism. They fuel angry arguments whose only function is to gather more clicks and attention.

“Ok Boomer” is not different than shitting on “Millennials” (arbitrary labels in first place). One day, “Ok Boomer” will become “Ok Millennial”, “Karen” will be replaced by “Ashley”, or “Matt”.

“Why didn’t you notice that tech can be such a destructive force?”

Of course we didn't want to fuck something up for the next generation. Of course!

But we will. We are, now.

Can entire generations actually be in charge and held responsible of the future? Or is this idea an ultimate attribution error, where we ascribe the actions of few powerful ones to a wider (and much less powerful) group?

You have already been casted into social roles that you didn't ask for. Think about your gender, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, country, etc.

We can't keep increasing the number of Commedia dell'Arte characters to simplify how society really works.

And, whatever core of truth some stereotypes might hold, it's up to us to confirm it or to subvert it. It's certainly up to us to avoid one more version of groupthink and herd behavior to divide us.

Eliminating imaginary opponents is not required to achieve social change. Recognizing common ground is.

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