∞ Inbox Vs. Inbox Zero

Friends panic when they glance at my inbox and notice tens of thousands of unread/unopened messages. They want to stay productive, and Inbox Zero might give them the impression to do so.

But it doesn't: about a decade ago, after noticing the insane amount of time I had to invest to keep my Inbox/text messages queue clean, I started ask myself “Why?”. Now, thinking about all the time people spend to keep their inboxes to zero makes me panic.

What's the real advantage?

I see no benefit from cleaning up every uninteresting piece of text/spam I receive, only a tremendous loss of time that you can reclaim if you just accept the fact that inbox numbers mean nothing. It's just another attention-stealing red sticker badge and, as such, I believe you should disable it, forget it, and never look back. It's much more effective to use separate aliases (one, for example, shared only with real human beings), and plus addressing.

I hide badges, and I simply forget about text messages/emails that did not deserve my actions in first place. Every action I do not take is more time, attention, and mental energy available for better goals.

You have no control over your incoming messages: spam, useless chats. So I stop trying to control them or let them use your time.

This approach is the opposite (and the same) of Inbox Zero. This approach is ∞ Inbox.

It requires a deep breath, ignoring numbers, and realizing that, in the end, zero and infinity are both undefinable.

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