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It's so real. I want to feel like having inspiring people sitting in my car with me while I'm on the road. These interviews do just that. ★★★★★ (5/5) Forthriver

The Sim Show Podcast with Sim Salis

Brutalist interviews. No music, no opening, no ads, just high quality audio and real questions.

That's it?

It's hard to find a good interview show with interesting guests and no ads. Many podcasts have lengthy and frequent interruptions which irremediably degrade your focus and experience, only to trick you into getting a mediocre mattress or toothbrush. This podcast doesn't have any ads, and never will.

I interview exceptionally creative and introspective humans sharing themselves intimately and with humor. If you are a self-learner, like to relax while thinking, or just want to hear some practical ideas for your life, work, and relationships, this is the podcast for you. Learn through creators from Pixar, Google, The Second City, and more eclectic minds from many fascinating walks of life.

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Season 4

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Boosting Creativity Through Self-Restraints — Scott Robbin (MP3)

Coding, arts, Cards Against Humanity, software, creativity, and self-imposed restraints.

Scott is a web developer and co-creator (with Naz Hamid) of Vapid, an intentionally simple content management system to create websites.

Get more from Scott on robbin.co.

Becoming Your True Self and Having Fun — Jen Ellison (MP3)

Comedy. teaching, Drunk Jcrew, empowering others, and having fun.

Jen is a performer, writer, director, and professor focusing on comedy and theatre. She performed and directed at ComedySportz, Collaboraction, The Neo-Futurists, and The Second City.

Get more from Jen on twitter.com/jenjen1138.

Be Around People Smarter Than You — Cody Gough (MP3)

Radio, curiosity, podcasting, health, and becoming smarter.

Cody is a radio host, producer, and audio editor. For over a decade he worked as a producer and content creator with WGN Radio, GonnaGeek Network, and Curiosity.com.

Get more from Cody on twitter.com/ProducerCody.

Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash — Okamura Mineko (MP3)

First-ever review of Space Channel 5 VR in May 2018, the day before the official opening of VRLA.

Okamura-san is the CEO of Grounding, an independent video-game company based in Japan and currently developing the virtual reality sequel to one of SEGA's most successful and bizarre games ever: Space Channel 5.

Get more from Okamura-san on Grounding.

Embracing Your Limitations — Luca Badetti (MP3)

Disabilities, empathy, understanding yourself, and community.

Luca tries to embrace both abilities and inabilities, arguing that this is the best way to become a more complete and connected human being: by encountering disability.

Get more from Luca on lucabadetti.com.

SNL, Police Academy, & What Truly Matters — Tim Kazurinsky (MP3)

SNL, Police Academy, shifting careers, writing, and what really matters in life.

Tim has performed on SNL for years, starred in movies like Police Academy, musicals like Wicked, and we talked about what really matters in life even when you reach fame.

Get more from Tim on timkazurinsky.net.

Season 3

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Changing What You Can't Change — Ashley Ray (MP3)

TV shows, race, sexuality, and comedy.

Ashley shares her personal stories with no filters, touching important topics like gender, race, unconventional relationships, and sexuality. She writes for The A.V. Club, Vice, and The Chicago Reader.

Get more from Ashley on theashleyray.com.

Clown & Infinite Beauty — Adrian Danzig (MP3)

Physical comedy, aging, changing ideas, and opening up to infinite beauty.

Adrian is a co-founder of 500 Clown and a physical performer known across continents for his skill and shows.

Get more from Adrian on instagram.com/adanzig29.

Finding Your Still Point — Lisa Wagner-Carollo (MP3)

Mental disabilities, social justice, theater, and becoming a catalyst.

Lisa spent over 30 years connecting people with developmental disabilities, marginalized communities, and incarcerated women to their own still point through art and theater.

Get more from Lisa on stillpointtheatrecollective.org.

Learning to Fail — Kelly Leonard (MP3)

Being constructive, learning from failures, comedy, yes and, and mental flexibility.

Kelly is an author, radio host, and producer from the legendary The Second City theater where improvisation was born, applying it to business and behavioral science.

Get more from Kelly on twitter.com/KLsecondcity.

Loving Your City — Dominic Pacyga (MP3)

Chicago, history, 20th century, urban development, and cities as living organisms.

Dominic is a historian and author who spent almost 4 decades analyzing Chicago and its history. Professor at Columbia College and the University of Chicago, he published several books on “the most American city”.

Get more about Dominic on goodreads.com/Dominic_Pacyga.

Comedy as a Tool to Empower Others — Anne Libera (MP3)

Comedy, teaching, improvisation, adapting and changing, empowering others.

Anne is an author, writer, comedy professor and researcher. She created the Comedy Studies program at Columbia College Chicago.

Get more from Anne on twitter.com/annelibera1.

Season 2

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Stumbling Into Brilliance — Rachael Mason (MP3)

Honesty, self-improvement, comedy, and surreal reality.

Rachael is a comedian and legendary Chicago performer and teacher from Chicago's The Second City and The Annoyance Theater.

Get more from Rachael on instagram.com/missrachaelmason.

Comedy, empathy, sickness, stepping up, and the balance between fun and seriousness in life.

Susan is an improviser and iconic comedian from Chicago's The Second City, the Annoyance Theater, and iO Theater.

Get more from Susan on twitter.com/MessingSusan.

Take Back Your Attention — Linnea Gandhi (MP3)

Humans, behavior, relationships, business, technology.

Linnea is a behavioral scientist, adjunct professor at Chicago Booth and co-founder of Behavioral Sight.

Get more from Linnea on behavioralsight.com.

Shawnimals — Shawn Smith (MP3)

Drawing, videogames, movie studios, academic studies and work, plus ninjas.

Shawn is the creator of Shawnimals, a universe made of plush, toys, and videogames! Shawn created Ninjatown, Moustachios, Dumplings, and tons of art.

Get more from Shawn on shawnimals.com.

The Mystery League — Sandor Weisz (MP3)

Puzzles, creativity, games, shifting careers, and being incapable of bullshit.

Sandy is the creator of The Mystery League and creates puzzles at any chance he can get.

Get more from Sandor on dispatch.mysteryleague.com.

One Hour One Life — Jason Rohrer (MP3)

Simplicity, using the tools right for you and not conforming to social expectations, creating meaningful videogames, and what matters in life.

Jason is a videogame developer, author of games like Passage and One Hour One Life.

Get more from Jason on http://hcsoftware.sourceforge.net/jason-rohrer/.

Season 1

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The Ego of Metrics — Ben Grosser (MP3)

Understading the effect of metrics and social media on us as individuals, and recognizing the interrelationship between the self and comprehensive systems.

Ben is an artist and the creator of Twitter and Facebook Demetricator.

Get more from Ben on bengrosser.com.

Do Something That Scares You — Jack Vidra (MP3)

Doing what scares you, embracing yourself and your body, beating stereotypes, and loving yourself and others for who you are.

Jack is a porn actor and a gourmet chef with a past in the military.

Get more from Jack on twitter.com/JackVidra.

RadioPublic — Jake Shapiro (MP3)

Founding socially responsible companies and creating sustainable platforms that respect creators and users.

Jake is a co-founder of PRX (Public Radio Exchange) and RadioPublic.

Get more from Jake on jakeshapiro.com.

Creativity & Diversity at Pixar — Danielle Feinberg (MP3)

Pursuing what matters to you in life, diversity as the fuel for creativity, and how light can be used to tell a story.

Danielle is Director of Photography at Pixar, where she worked on Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, Wall•E, Coco, and more.

Get more from Danielle on twitter.com/dafeinberg.

Computers That Talk — Cathy Pearl (MP3)

Mindful design, voice and computers, attention and technology, and Conversational User Interfaces.

Cathy is the Head of Conversation Design Outreach at Google and author of the book Designing Voice User Interfaces.

Get more from Cathy on cathypearl.com.

The Art of Paying Attention — David Pasquesi (MP3)

Focus, improvisation, exploring your life story moment by moment, comedy, and observing reality.

Dave is known for his work at The Second City, Tj&Dave, movies like Groundhog Day and TV shows like VEEP (HBO) or At Home with Amy Sedaris, plus more.

Get more from Dave on davidpasquesi.com.

Praise from Real Listeners

Sim's style is new. Reminiscent of programs that touch on some relatively profound issues, while his humor brings to mind the spirit of well-done late night shows. I am not aware of any other interview shows that could bring depth and humor together in this way. ★★★★★ (5/5) Elderan02

These candid interviews demonstrate the beauty in the many failures that it takes to build up to success. ★★★★★ (5/5) Qaslu

Absolutely wonderful. Sim is wonderfully talented at guiding conversations in a natural way.
 ★★★★★ (5/5) BAALcry

Interesting, compelling, fascinating conversations.
 ★★★★★ (5/5) MusikBoy

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