Sim Show Now Supports Web Monetization

I believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone, and anyone should be able to reasonably sustain themselves while working on their chosen job.

This is why my interviews podcast SimShow is available with absolutely no advertising or sponsorship—even as I share conversations recorded in person across the continent, from Chicago (The Second City) to the Bay Area (Pixar or Google), and more.

Now, this website (also free) supports Web Monetization. What does that mean? If you subscribe to a service like Coil, a portion of that will land into my pockets. In total transparency: the first month of Web Monetization earned me ~$0.98. It doesn't matter: I am convinced that it's important to support this kind of web by adopting new, fair technologies early.

So does, the service on which this site is based on. Soon, they should add the ability to share exclusive content accessible only via web monetization (in which case, expect an eBook featuring selected transcripts of my interviews). Matt does a fantastic job developing as a sustainable product, and that's why I signed up for their 5 years long subscription. When I joined, that costed about $180: it's now up to $240, but still worth every penny.

If you want to contribute to SimShow, and many other websites and blogs, check out all the ways that you can help via Coil.

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