Since Fall 2015 I collect valuable links skimmed through the noise of social media.

From 2018, hundreds of people receive them in their inbox—many reaching out to say it's their favorite newsletter.

It's not a list of “hey here is what I read and watch.” Consider it fat-free Internet, prepared by handpicking valuable resources so you can skim through the noise of social media.

It's 5+ selected articles, essays, videos, discussions, fun and meaningful reads with annotations. They range across broad topics to improve your work, life, and relationships.

A typical Sunday Skim could give you:

  1. Digital privacy tips.
  2. Interactive 3D map showing the true size of countries.
  3. Interesting podcast interview.
  4. Productivity methods like timeboxing.
  5. A comedy video you wish a friend sent you.
  6. And… I like many things so you will find out!

If you want to check out an example, you can find one here.

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