Translation From Dropbox to English of ‘Focus will shape the future of distributed work’

Dropbox, and The Economist, sharing that no one will ever go back to “normal” and you better start to love it:

Even the holdouts who in March assumed things would go “back to normal” have accepted that these changes are now the norm. And more may be coming.

If you thought life would include some joy again: no.

Loneliness distracts WFH professionals even more than families and pets.

Being single and not in the office is even worse than those things you call “spouse”, “cat”, or “my son”.

Solving the problem could turn losses to profits: the potential upside of improving focus in knowledge work is an estimated $1.2 trillion in untapped employee output.

The problem: you eat and you sleep. If you stopped, we could have a decent product that resembles a roadmap users actually care about.

Nearly 40 percent of respondents cited “elimination of the daily commute” as a benefit of working from home. Importantly, it’s not just the extra work time or more free time that they’re enjoying—the lack of commute is actually enhancing their focus throughout the day.

Sorry, no more Joe Rogan or This American Life.

They can save their attention and energy for work.

Your commute is now +10hrs/week of work.

You don’t need us to tell you that family distractions, household chores, and the simple urge to chill are major challenges to at-home focus.

No Netflix & Chill at work—and you now Live At Work (LAW).

More than one in three general staffers cite feeling disconnected as a reason they have trouble doing their jobs.

Do you still miss people? 🤣

Tomorrow’s workers won’t always realize it, but few of them will thrive at either end of the focus spectrum—interrupted nonstop, or cut off from contact all day.

No you don't. 😏

Dropbox (“a feature, not product” according to Steve Jobs) is not even pretending there will be any partial return to “normal”. They commissioned a report (”sponsored by Dropbox”) to the Economist Intelligence Unit (“We work with our clients to help them navigate the increasingly complex global environment.”). The results support their permanent shift to WFH.

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